ixd3101f20 Interaction Design I

Course offered to Yasar University 3rd Year VCD students, (Fall 2020).

Course Description This studio course introduces the field of interaction design. Interaction design is "about shaping our everyday life through digital artifacts for work, for play, and for entertainment" (Crampton Smith 2018). Students learn, through an hands on approach, to develop digital environments that harbor people and machines.

Course Content Students will learn the methods and the qualities of interaction design by applying them directly to design projects and training exercises.

Topics include screen based affordances and interface behaviors, mobile app, generative art, video games.

Enriching and practising known methods and tools as: Design research, Brainstorming, Moodboard, Grids and layout, Linear storyboards, Scenario, Interviews, Adobe Creative suite (photoshop/illustrator/indesign).

Introduce an interaction design vocabulary and theoretical toolkit as: Affordances, Algorithmic Thinking, Persona, Wireframe, Non-linear storyboards, Flowmap and walkthrough, Paper prototype, Interactive digital prototype.

Introduce new tools of interaction design as: Processing, Adobe XD.