DHS 2022 Conference Workshop

Visualizing design microstories

Towards an alternative design history timeline

The history of design has been broadening its scope to welcome a divergent, more inclusive, decentralized, gender-balanced perspective, or better a range of perspectives. Often these divergent perspectives are presented in “microstories”, stories which are complete in themselves and offer a self-conclusive narration partial and limited in relation to “canonical” design history. Bringing these microstories together within a computational interface might give the opportunity to constitute a transient design history, one in opposition to a fixed, immutable, conservative view of design history. An atlas of design history which constitutes a work-in-progress, a proposal, maybe a radical view of design histories.

The workshop “Visualizing design microstories: Towards an alternative design history timeline” aims to gather a community of design historians and researchers to contribute and explore the possibilities of this design history visualization. We invite you to share with us the studies/research as position papers, preliminary research, and case studies that focus on a divergent view of design history.

Participants are required to submit their contribution in a short abstract through the online registration form. All accepted contributions will be published and archived digitally. The participants don't require any previous knowledge about visualization techniques or technical tools.

The workshop will be held in hybrid mode with a first session online and consequently a physical+online meeting in Izmir on 7th September contextually with DHS 2022 conference Design & Transience. All participants are required to participate in both sessions. They will receive a confirmation email upon acceptance. Further information about the sessions will be provided below.

Key Dates

Submission Deadline: August 14, 2022 End of Day
Notification of Acceptance: August 21, 2022
Workshop online session: August 24, 2022
Workshop at DHS: September 7, 2022



First session

  • Introduction of the workshop
  • Time-related representation techniques
  • Introduction and personal contribution of the participants
  • Possibilities of visualizing an "alternative design history"
  • Grouper as a digital platform to support collaboration and visualization
  • Visual sketches and hypothesis
    In between the sessions participants edit their content on the digital platform

    Second session

  • Overview of the works (the resulted timeline visualization[s])
  • Discussion (topics and patterns emerged through the work and their relevance of the DHS community)
  • Discussion (the role of a digital platform in redefining design history)
  • Conclusions and exhibition plan
    For questions and doubts don't hesitate to contact: daniele.savasta@gmail.com.

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